Oman eVisa for Bahraini citizens

Oman eVisa for Bahraini citizens

Oman eVisa for Bahraini citizens

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has launched the electronic visa service for Bahrain citizens, allowing them to visit the sultanate up to a month.

The decision aims at strengthening brotherly ties between the two countries and facilitate travel of Bahrainis to various parts of Oman, said ROP’s Assistant Undersecretary for Ports and Borders Affairs Major General Ali Hassan al-Ghafri.

The Oman government decided to introduce electronic visas in 2018.

In the hope of alleviating problems faced by Bahrainis wishing to travel to countries where an eVisa is required, a new system has been introduced.

Oman has now become the third country after Qatar and Kuwait that allows citizens of Bahrain to apply for an Oman eVisa online, which cuts out the need to visit embassies or consulates in person. A simple procedure can be carried out on line with complete assurance that regulations will be adhered to.

This eVisa facility was launched on 25th June 2015 at a special ceremony held at ROP headquarters in Sohar attended by representatives from both countries.

What are the requirements of eVisa for Oman for Bahrain passport holders?

For two years, there are over 70 nationalities that are allowed to submit their applications for eVisa.

Now, legal foreign residents living in GCC countries can apply for an eVisa for Oman, regardless of their nationality.

Oman Visa

Even if someone’s citizenship is not included in the list of countries eligible for the Royal Oman Police eVisa, they can apply for one as they are a GCC resident.

At this moment, there is a possibility to apply for eVisa via the internet, so all you need to start the process is an internet connection.

Bahrain tourists can forget about regular authorization and the fact that they had to make an appointment at the Embassy or consulate and go through many documents and restrictions.

Unlike the eligible nationalities, Bahrain citizens can apply for eVisa is they fit one additional requirement.

Except for the documents such as a scan of the passport information page (a passport has to be valid for at least six months from the date of issue) and a photograph of the applicant (passport-style), they are obliged to provide the digital copy of a GCC visa.

Such a document is nothing but an orange sticker in the passport of the applicant.

However, after submitting the documents mentioned above, one more condition must be met – the occupation noted on the document needs to appear on the list of professions approved by Oman Royal Police.

Oman Visa

How to go through the process of applying for Visa to Oman for Bahrain Citizens?

It is more straightforward than it looks like. By using already mentioned link eVisa for Oman, you will be redirected to the most recommended eVisa service, where you will find the application form.

You would need to fill out the most important data as passport details, name, surname, current occupation, marital status, and permanent address.

Please check the correctness of all provided data because the fee for eVisa is not refundable, and in case of an error, another application should be submitted.

Holders of GCC visa can apply only for one type of eVisa for Oman, which allows for single entry with stay up to 28 days.

Oman Visa

When the application form is filled, the traveler needs to attach a scan of the passport bio-data page, GCC visa, and photo of the applicant (selfie type, which is not older than six months).

After completing all data, the applicant has to provide the payment via a credit card or another method of payment that is available.

As soon as the application is approved, you will receive an email with a confirmation of submission. Usually, approval takes up to 3 business days.

Probably the most attractive holiday destination

Now, when the approved eVisa for Oman hits our mailbox, and it is printed already, it is the time to check why Sultanate is such a popular destination for holidays.

Just after arrival, tourists can visit the rocky coast stretching out over the Gulf of Oman.

Discover the old city of Muscat, which evokes a magical atmosphere from years ago, allowing you to feel the captivating aromas at the local bazaar.

However, only after leaving the city of Oman you will be able to notice the most beautiful site … tourists can visit the Grand Canyon of Oman located near the highest peaks of the country, whose surroundings look charming.

The picturesque coast of Oman is very varied. The sandy beaches are contrasting with the rocks of the coast and scenic mountain ranges.

Visa to Oman for Bahrain citizens