Travel Registration Form Oman

Travel Registration Form Oman

Travel Registration Form Oman

The Travel Registration Form for Oman is an electronic document that includes all the essential travel and health-related information of a person entering Oman. The form was introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is required from all travelers who wish to pass through Omani borders.

Oman Travel Registration Form enables foreign citizens to enter the Omani territory, not endangering the health of anyone and reducing the risk of the coronavirus spread to the minimum.

All arrivals to Oman must fill out the TRF before boarding the flight to Oman to avoid possible complications like being denied entry to Oman.

Oman currently allows entry to the vaccinated travelers who have received the final COVID-19 vaccine dose at least 14 days before their arrival in Oman.

The Travel Registration Form to Oman is an essential document since it enables travelers to enter Oman without any issues. As it functions as an official document, it is a confirmation that a person entering Oman follows all the coronavirus-related entry requirements.

Since all passengers need to provide their personal and travel-related details, the Omani authorities can trace the visitors and notify them about possible coronavirus-related dangers. This way, they can also help to organize the necessary quarantine in case of potential coronavirus infection.

What information need to be provided when filling the TRF?

All travelers need to provide the following information to fill out the TRF correctly:

  • contact number
  • basic personal data
  • accommodation address in Oman
  • type of visa
  • details regarding arrival time and name of the arrival airport
  • flight number
  • insurance details

How to fill out the Travel Registration Form to Oman?

The good thing about the Oman Health Declaration is that you don’t need to go all the way to an embassy. It’s possible to complete it with just a few clicks using an internet-enabled device without leaving home. The application process can be described in the following steps:

  1. Firstly, enter all the necessary data and make sure that the information provided is correct. Upload the required vaccination and PCR test documents.
  2. Secondly, pay the handling fee.
  3. Lastly, go to your email inbox and check if the receipt of your travel form was already delivered.

You will receive the receipt of your registration form together with the QR code. Please do not forget to download it and save it on your mobile phone.

Who should use the TRF?

All visitors to the Sultanate of Oman need to submit the TRF before boarding the plane to Oman. They must register for the TRF and upload the PCR test report and vaccination certificate. Both documents must contain QR codes.

Parents can add underage family members to their forms and enter their data on their behalf.

What are the requirements to apply for the Travel Registration Form?

To submit the travel form to Oman, there is no need to visit the Embassy. All travelers can obtain it entirely online. Nevertheless, there are certain documents that all passengers must prepare:

  • a legible copy of the main passport page (preferably scan)
  • an active email address to receive a file with the completed Oman TRF
  • a valid payment method (debit or credit card, Paypal, etc.)
  • COVID-19 vaccination proof with the QR code (Oman approves the following vaccination manufacturers: Sputnik, Sinovac, Pfizer BioNTech, Oxford AstraZeneca, Covishield AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm, Johnson&Johnson)
  • an international health insurance proof (covering a 1-month possible COVID-19 treatment)
  • negative PCR test result with the QR code (to be taken 72 hours of departure or 96 hours, if the flight exceeds 8 hours)

Important note: Those who do not have negative PCR test results will need to take a test upon arrival at the airport. The fee must be paid when making an online registration.

Benefits of using TRF

The government of Oman is using the Travel Registration Form system mainly to ensure the safe stay of visitors to Oman, as well as the safety of the Omani citizens.

The main benefits of using TRF are:

  • the possibility to enter Oman trouble-free
  • an intuitive online system with a straightforward online form to be filled out
  • the receipt of TRF delivered directly to the applicant’s inbox
  • saving time as no Embassy visits are needed
  • ensuring the safety of both Omani citizens and incoming travelers

Submit a Travel Registration Form on time

Please do remember that your TRF must be submitted before being on board. Make sure to do it earlier and avoid unnecessary stress. The registration upon arrival is allowed only in certain extraordinary circumstances.

Submit your form before your trip and enter Oman hassle-free!


What is the Travel Registration Form?

It is an online document including the most essential personal and travel details of a person visiting Oman. The document was introduced to enable safe traveling during the coronavirus pandemic and is obligatory for all the people entering Oman.

Is filling the Travel Registration Form obligatory?

Yes, it is. All visitors to Oman need to fill out the form before their trip. If a person does not complete it before a trip, they can be denied entry to Oman.

How can I register for the TRF?

The online registration requires providing some personal and travel information and paying the processing fee. After these steps are made, an applicant will receive the receipt of the TRF confirming the successful application.

Do I need the COVID-19 test when visiting Oman?

All travelers aged 18 and older need to submit the negative PCR test result. If they prefer to take a test on arrival, they need to pay the fee when filling out the online form.

Travelers under 18 are exempted from the test requirement (both pre-departure and upon-arrival testing). They do not also have to provide a vaccination certificate.

Do I need to undergo quarantine in Oman?

Travelers who have received the full dose of COVID-19 vaccination and were tested negatively before departure can enter Oman quarantine-free.

All those aged over 18 arriving in Oman without a negative result of the PCR test will need to be tested upon arrival, wear a tracking bracelet, and undergo quarantine until receiving the test results. In case of positive results, they will be subject to a 10-day obligatory quarantine.

On 17 Sept. 2021, Oman introduced an institutional quarantine obligatory for all travelers who have visited Iran or Iraq within the last 14 days before arriving in Oman.