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How to get Oman visa from Qatar?

How to get Oman visa from Qatar?

How to get Oman visa from Qatar?

Oman is one of the beautiful countries that you should visit during your vacation. Oman often gets overlooked by tourists due to amazing opportunities and tourist attraction sites. There are many attractions in Oman, which you will find worth your time and money.

Oman visa from Qatar

How to get Oman visa from QatarOman permits entry to citizens of more than 30 countries without a visa, granted that their stay is not for more than 30 days. If you plan to visit Oman from Qatar for more than 30 days, a visa is required.

For the Qatar a citizen wanting to enter Oman, a passport with at least six months of validity remaining is essential and a visa if the stay is for more than 30 days. Since you are not a Qatar citizen you will need to be in touch with the Oman Embassy website for specific details, pertaining to their countries.

Since you need an Oman Visa from Qatar you may ask yourself how can get it? There are so many ways which have been provided by the Qatar government on how to get Oman visa.

It’s upon you to decide on the best way which you can use to that you can avoid being conned by some agencies.

How to get Oman visa from Qatar

The first step is to determine whether you will require a visa for your visit, through the Qatar Embassy website. Next collect all the necessary information for applying such as your travel dates, sponsor, passport, legal names of people travelling with you and employer details.

Get Visa to Oman

If you are on a business visit Oman, list the company that you would be working with. If you are visiting a family in Oman, then list them as your sponsor.

Fill a online visa application at the Qatar embassy website. Here you will need to enter your name, contact information such as an email-id, phone number and a statement saying that you agree with the terms and conditions of the policies listed in the form.
How to get Oman visa from Qatar
Next, you will need to provide information about tour dates, sponsors and people travelling with you. If you are travelling with a tour group, provide as much information as possible.

The third screen will ask for your employer’s information, passport details like issue, expiration dates and number.

After you submit the online application, print two copies that you will need to mail later. You will be asked to upload digital copies on various documents such as passport, photos etc.

It’s good that you give your email address where the visa issuing agencies will send a visa confirmation message to.

After you receive mail of approval by the embassy, mail original documents along with copies of your application and the required fees.

The email by the embassy will feature information regarding where to send your documents, processing charges, two signed copies of your application form, passport, passport size photos and a prepaid, self-addressed envelope with a tracking id.ln case, you have any issues which have hindered you from assessing your Oman visa, the Qatar visa issuing agency will request you to send the additional details that they need.